We’re an experiential floral studio.

What does that mean? Here goes: We do florals, but not the 1-800 variety. No we’re not a pop up, but we’ll make your dinner table or premiere party pop. And yes, we deliver. Expressive, eclectic florals with something to say.

It’s giving florals.

'Flowers for Life' isn’t just a tagline—it’s our way of doing things, big and small. From our early days popping up where you’d least expect, to designing epic floral displays today,we do all things flowers, no matter the size.


We believe flowers can convey what words sometimes can’t, evoking a whole spectrum of feelings—from congratulatory to endearing, humorous to comforting, sexy to apologetic, and even mysterious. For us, flowers aren't just an afterthought or an add-on; they're the experience

With Love and Flowers.

It's hard to believe I started this business in 2016. After a decade in NYC fashion, I wanted to blend my love for design with a fresh approach to florals—not just as decorations but as part of everyday life.I grew up in Western Maryland in a creative family that always encouraged self-expression—I just never imagined it would lead me to flowers! Now, I lead a team of florists who, like me, didn't start out in the flower world. We're creatives united by our love of flowers—their vibrancy, beauty, uniqueness, and their language.Living in the East Village with my husband and our daughter Lenny, I truly enjoy the opportunity to share my world in bouquet form, while teaching my sweet girl how to run a business with integrity, kindness, and creativity. You can find us weekly at the flower market—me chasing after her, and her discovering the flowers, because that's exactly what flowers are for.

With love and flowers,

Kelsie Hayes

Founder & CEO

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