We wrote a book!

Curious minds want to know—why do people really send flowers? In our very first book, we dive into the weird and wonderful reasons behind some of our most beloved bouquets.

Say It With Flowers is an ode to the millions of reasons to send flowers.

Since opening our studio, we’ve been collecting the most memorable notes customers have written to accompany an arrangement. From congratulatory to endearing, hilarious, condoling, sexy, apologetic, and even mysterious, they offer a peek into the private lives of everyday people. Just like you and me.

Alongside each anonymous notecard is a POPUPFLORIST-original arrangement, inspired by the sender's words and designed with our signature, expressive flair.

With a glossary in back, we’re sharing with you the different meanings of flowers, empowering you to create your own arrangements for big life moments, from birthdays to births to breakups.

Take a peak into our world as an experiential floral studio in New York City. Your coffee table will never be the same.

Pre-orders available now