5 Years - A Family Business

Generally when people think of flower shops, they think of the traditional, generational family run businesses. While popupflorist is anything but traditional, it is very much a family business.

Our family is our clients that we call friends, and get to watch have career highs, get married, start their own families. It’s all of the talented florists we work with. It’s our hard working suppliers that are the backbone of the business. It’s the artists and makers we collaborate with. It’s my actual family and friends that have held my hand every step of the way of embarking on becoming a small business owner. And lastly, it’s any person that has supported- whether it be as a customer or just a fan of the love we pour into our work.

How to get to 5 years? Through hard work, creativity, blood, sweat and literal tears.How to get to 50 years? Through kindness, integrity, innovation, acts of service, and putting pride into everything we do.

I am SO PROUD OF 5 years, but I can promise you we are just getting started!!