April showers bring May flowers, and taxes

Once March/April hits, POPUPFLORIST gets extremely busy. In the past, I have almost always filed tax extensions. This comes with additional tacked on fees that in the moment feel small, but once that extra tax bill hits, it is not fun to pay! I was so happy when I got a call from Block Advisors to work together this tax season.

Not only is my Block Advisors tax pro helping me file on time for once (lol), but she is helping me understand what my options are due to the tumultuous year of 2020. POPUP is a self funded, fully bootstrapped business, so reviewing the numbers has always been important to me. As the sole owner of the business, the logistics have to come first. With Block Advisors, they are helping me to be able to focus on being creative and bringing in new business during one of the busiest times of the year, while they handle my return. We have scheduled a series of calls not just discussing my tax return, but different ideas and options going forward to set the company up for growth. I just can't recommend H&R Block’s #BlockAdvisors enough.

My number one advice in business is to know your place, know that you don't/can't possibly know everything and call the experts when you need to. In addition to that advice, you also don't need to hire the fancy CPA firm. Block Advisors sole purpose is to help small business owners like myself! Cheers to filing on time, and working with an expert to get the best possible outcome!!